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Past Conferences


Chrystal Slowley

This years NYMC was a refreshing experience for me. It was my first time going, but I immediately felt like I was amongst close friends and family! I was able to participate in the choir, which was nothing shy of amazing; we have 100% even in each rehearsal, and I made some memorable connections while there. I also felt enriched through the workshops provided, and walked away with a new perspective of my life and the body of Christ as a whole. And every service that I went to, God definitely showed up! And I know everyone who came can testy to that! Needless to say, I'm looking forward to next Youth & Music Conference, new experiences, new faces, and a fresh move of God!



Essence Dennis

NYMC 2K18 was literally out of this world! I personally came looking for answers from God and that's what I left with. The workshops were amazing and full of information. It was super fun meeting new, hanging with them and reconnecting with old friends. i said I would never go to college because it just wasn't for me, but after listening to the word seeing others get for college, the Lord changed my heart and I will be attending college after I graduate high school in 2019! NYMC was really that good and I absolutely cannot wait until next year.

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